Terms of use


PROCESS The user will have to place his order through our online portal or, leaving his article(s) or garment(s) in the corresponding compartment. Once done, an order confirmation will be sent by email and SMS. You will also receive a link to our page to pay the amount owed. Payments can be made through our virtual TPV using VISA and MASTERCARD.

RETURN POLICY OF THE AMOUNT The user is entitled to the refund of the amount of his order in the case that he informs Mayordomo by email of his desire for a refund, before the service has been fulfilled. The client will receive an email confirming the amount of the service before starting the work. In the event that the service has been performed by the delivering the product to the locker, no refund will be available.

Cancellations must be informed in writing, sending an email to info@mayordomo.io. Cancellations reported by any other means will not be accepted.

CANCELLATION POLICY Mayordomo reserves the right to cancel an order if it cannot make such order. In this case, if the item is a pick up and deliver order, the item will be delivered to the corresponding locker without processing and the customer will receive an email and SMS with an access code to pick it up.

GENERAL ASPECTS The service is for the collection and delivery of goods and services, according to the service and agreed deadlines, via the locker terminal selected within the network of smart lockers of Lava Locker S.L. that owns the Mayordomo trademark (hereinafter, “Mayordomo”). The prices of the services are detailed in the information of each provider accessible via the locker screen. The general conditions of service are detailed in Mayordomo’s Frequently Asked Questions.

SERVICE PROVIDER DAYS AND HOURS Mayordomo offers a twenty-four (24) hour, seven (7) day delivery service. This schedule may suffer alterations depending on the accessibility and / or opening of the premises in which the Mayordomo locker terminal is located, with the provision of the delivery service subject to it. Our customer service hours are from 09.00 to 18.00 on Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays, through our customer helpline 932502170.

TEMPORARY CUSTODY OF PACKAGES. By contracting this service, the user authorizes Mayordomo the temporary custody of those packages that are requested to be delivered through the service offered on the web site mayordomo.io

DELIVERY AND COLLECTION SYSTEM The user requesting a collection service will be assigned with a Code that he will need to enter in the device for the retrieval of the articles from the selected locker, and within the contracted term. Mayordomo offers its customers a complete delivery system that can be consulted on its website (www.mayordomo.io).

Mayordomo sends an SMS and an email with the unique and personal number for the reception or delivery of their packages. It is the responsibility of the User to keep this personal number safe, and it at the sole discretion of the user for this to be transferred to a third party for the receipt or delivery of a package. Mayordomo is not responsible for the misuse of this code.

FORMS OF PAYMENT All services offered by Mayordomo must be contracted through the Web site mayordomo.io or via the network of smart box offices. Payments for services rendered can be made with most credit or debit cards. Mayordomo does not have access to sensitive data regarding the means of payment used by the Client. Only the corresponding payment processing entity has access to this data in the form of payment and collection management. The status of payment will be captured at the moment the client enters the web page to verify pending payments or in the case that their data is stored with the processing entity of the payment in the delivery of the order. The prices of the service are detailed on the screen of the smart locker at the time of placing the order and by an email sent to the customer. The prices of each supplier can be modified without notification.

EXCLUDED MERCHANDISE The deposit of packages or objects whose content is contrary to the Law is prohibited, and the client takes responsibility of any consequences resulting from its storage in the locker, and transport should the item(s) be concealed, exempting Mayordomo from any responsibility. The deposit of weapons, poisonous or infectious substances, cash, human remains, jewellery, toxic materials, animals and flammable or dangerous materials, etc. are prohibited.

CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. LOST PROFITS. Mayordomo shall not be liable for consequential or extraordinary damages, or for lost profits, including loss of revenues, profits or markets, loss of image, damages caused by the impossibility of delivering a service from the contents in the packages, or loss of opportunity of Business or any other indirect loss arising from loss, damage, delay, incorrect delivery or failure to deliver the package.

INSURANCE CONDITIONS The insurance will apply exclusively to merchandise. Any documents are insurable by the value of the impression and not by the value of creation or realization. The indemnification of the merchandise will only be for the value of the replacement and not for the sale value. In case of total loss, the value of merchandise to be indemnified will suffer depreciation corresponding to its present value, and in the case of partial damage of the merchandise should Mayordomo be responsible, indemnification will be valued against the cost of repairing the defect.

DEADLINE FOR COMPLAINTS In order to ensure proper process of an insurance claim, the claim for any damage or damage detected in the merchandise deposited in a Mayordomo locker must be made by phone or email (93 250 21 70 / hola@lavalocker.es) within a maximum period of seven (7) days, counting from the agreed time for delivery.

VERIFICATION OF CONTENT Mayordomo reserves the right to verify the nature and content of the packages entrusted to the company, including the use of X-rays, as well as to interrupt any delivery process already initiated if a content violates the provisions in these terms and conditions. Mayordomo reserves the right to photograph the packages that are deposited in the locker in order to prove their status before any possible claims; as well as to have digital recordings of its terminals and operations in order to guarantee the correct provision of the service, its security and correct use.

DATA PROTECTION In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999 on the protection of personal data, we inform you that the data generated by the provision of the service by Mayordomo to its customers will be incorporated into the company’s database, necessary for the correct management of the delivery and any communications offering information or promotions. You can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the same, through the email address hola@lavalocker.es

THERE ARE CLAIM/COMPLAINT FORMS AVAILABLE TO THE CONSUMER (DECREE 1/2010 OF 14 JANUARY). These are available to customer at Passeig Sant Joan 64, Barcelona 08009

USE OF COOKIES Mayordomo.io may use cookies during the provision of the website service. These cookies correspond to small text files that contain information and that the web sites send to the Client’s computer when you are browsing through them.